Project Description


Henry Blueskin


Housewrap lives its life sandwiched between the interior structure and exterior siding of your home. Despite living in the shadows, it plays an incredibly important role: keeping weather out and comfort in. Unfortunately, many wraps fall down on the job (literally sagging and bunching) and defeat their own purpose because they’re nailed on—creating hundreds of holes through which water can enter, and air can escape. Henry Blueskin, however, rises to the occasion. It uses a self-stick adhesive that minimizes holes, and self-gaskets when they’re unavoidable. It’s also really easy to use. We stuck with these unique benefits and ran with it all the way home.


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Rick Binger
Josh Fraimow
Chad Seay
Draper DNA
Brios Media
Spade & Heart

How to build a campaign: Take a sustainable differentiator. Craft a simple message. Wrap it in some bold graphics. Then stand back and watch as builders beat a path to your door.

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