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Channel Advisor Catalyst Events


Every year the best minds and most eager learners in e-commerce make the pilgrimage to the industry’s premier conference: Catalyst. Attendees love this event (hosted by ChannelAdvisor) because it’s a hub for thought leadership, a venue for sparking imaginations, a space that spurs networking, and (of course) the impetus for a little fun. We love it because we get to create a conference brand from the ground up every year and apply it across the board to every touchpoint imaginable. Here are a few of the ways we brought Catalyst to life—and catalyzed attendee engagement. 


Event branding
Direct mail
HTML email


Rick Binger
Josh Fraimow
Spade & Heart
William Clay
Rob Croft
Gino Reyes
Carlos Manriquez
Jim Bille

Interactive Invitation / Microsite

Mood-setting Video

Keynote Presentation (select slides)

Mood-setting Video

Keynote Presentation (select slides)

Direct Mail

Mood-setting Video

Keynote Presentation (select slides)

The good people of ChannelAdvisor put their heart and soul into making Catalyst a preeminent global event. We were right there with them, making sure every marketing and presentation detail was taken care of—and every big picture was a wow.

Sharp ones leave a mark.
Bright ones spark the imagination.
Big ones move people.

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