Project Description


American Icon


Our friends at Mansfield have been making toilets, sinks and tubs in a small town in Ohio for almost a century; it’s the type of story you might hear Paul Harvey talk about. They wanted to trumpet the fact that their products are proudly made in the US of A. But they also wanted to stay true to the core of the brand we had already established for them: honest, no-nonsense, a willingness to poke fun. So what did we do? We called on the most iconically American people we knew—Honest Abe and Lady Liberty—and put their familiar faces in decidedly unfamiliar places. Just the thing to make our audience do a double-take. And cement Mansfield in their minds double-quick.


CGI models
Digital advertising


Rick Binger
Josh Fraimow
Draper DNA
Chad Seay
Filtre Studios
Bryan Regan

By showing a little national-icon skin we were able to successfully capture the attention, and smiles, of builders and plumbers (as evidenced by the distributor showroom posters that kept mysteriously disappearing).

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